• How to Prepare Your Skin for the Hot, Humid Summer

    19 Juin 2015

    Once the sun comes out, everyone starts to show a little more skin to keep themselves cool. Since more of your skin will be exposed and on display, it’s important to efficiently prep your skin for the summer season. Here are a few tips to get a glowing complexion and smooth body for summer. Exfoliate […]... En savoir plus »
  • Why You Should Choose a Natural Sunscreen

    18 Juin 2015

    It’s a no-brainer that sunscreen is an extremely important part of everyone’s daily skincare routine, but what specific types of sunscreen should you be using? Natural sunscreens have become more widely produced and available at affordable prices, making this the clear choice. Below are a few reasons why you should choose a natural sunscreen. They […]... En savoir plus »
  • Is Your Skin Care Regimen Right For Your Skin Type?

    10 Juin 2015

    While walking by the skincare aisle in a drugstore or department store, you’ll notice a variety of products created for different skin types. Generally these fall into one of the following categories: normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive. It may sound obvious to say that these products are created and formulated specifically for those with […]... En savoir plus »
  • Coffee Vs. Japanese Green Tea: Which is Better For Your Skin?

    09 Juin 2015

    The morning debate between coffee and green tea is something I often face once I’ve arrived at work. Do I go for the zen of green tea or opt for one of the java flavors? While both are super tasty, contain caffeine, and can help you hit your 8 glasses of water a day quota, there […]... En savoir plus »
  • Why Cold Showers Are Better For Your Skin

    19 Mai 2015

    It can be tempting to always turn the dial up to “hot” when taking showers, but water that’s too high of a temperature can actually dry out or damage your skin. Don’t freak out — you don’t have to take your entire shower in freezing water, but turning the dial to cold for the last […]... En savoir plus »