Japanese Skin Rituals

15 Août 2014

Open up any magazine and you’re sure to see a mention of Japanese skincare rituals or secrets. Whether it’s straight from a celebrity’s mouth or a secret that makeup artists swear by, the Japanese are known for having great skin and sharing their wealth of knowledge with others. Here are just a few common Japanese skin rituals.

  • Indigo is an ingredient used in some beauty product. It’s  a proven anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin. In Japan it’s referred to as “Samurai blue” as during the Edo period the samurai wore indigo-dyed cotton under their armor to help heal their skin.
  • Japanese women are very vigilant with sun protection. Fair skin is considered very beautiful,  so during the summer months, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are key.
  • Japanese women generally follow a standard regimen that begins with makeup removal, followed by cleansing, application of softener, then lotion and/or cream if they have mature or drier skin.
  • Since ancient times, Japanese women have used products made out of nightingale droppings to maintain their silky porcelain skin. The nightingale facial, which is popular in spas worldwide, uses these droppings to make sure that dull skin is taken care of completely.
  • Shiatsu massages are a traditional Japanese healing method believed to cure disease resulting from blocked energy within the body.


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