Shinso Skincare on Etalk

20 Avril 2015

paul cohen

Dr. Paul Cohen was recently interviewed by Etalk, the first daily Canadian entertainment news magazine, in the short video clip here. Dr. Cohen discussed how you can use Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist for a natural instant face lift with long-term effects. He also mentioned how Hollywood A-list celebrities use these Japanese natural products to prepare for their skin for big events, like Red Carpet premieres.

To get a “glow on the go”, Dr. Cohen says to apply Shinso Glow first to gently exfoliate the skin. Then apply Shinso Essence, a gel product that helps stimulate collagen. Lastly, apply Shinso Mist to give a fresh, Red-Carpet glow. Dr. Cohen explains that the combination of the three products gives the skin a nice, radiant appearance and helps physically lift up the skin, giving the illusion of a face lift without the procedure.

A few of the celebrities highlighted as using the product include Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Charlize Theron– all women who have aged beautifully and gracefully and always look amazing on the Red Carpet.

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